What is DeClassified Music?

The name refers to the visibility of classical art music and its performance. It is not secret and only for those with special knowledge - it is for everyone. 

DeClassified Music is about the music and the musicians. This means a focus on:

the craft

the emotions

the stories

the history

the expertise

the energy

the detail 

the precision

the communication 

the escape 

DCM 2022 - Events

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Origin Story....

When based in Brisbane, I noticed that the performance of classical art music seemed to be hidden. It was not well advertised and concerts were usually held in venues hidden deep in universities. In response to this, and with the backing of the then Steinway & Sons piano distributors in Brisbane, Theme & Variations Piano Services, I founded the Commercial Road Chamber Music Series in 2011. This series grew into DeClassified Music - 2013 to 2015. 


DeClassified Music's initial mission was threefold: to provide outstanding Australian artists with a high-quality platform for their performances in Brisbane, to take amazing music out of ‘secret’ and ‘classified’ university halls and spaces, and to help ensure the adaptation of classical music performance to contemporary society in a way that attracts audiences of all ages.

For its Brisbane years, DeClassified Music worked closely with FireWorks Gallery (contemporary indigenous & non-indigenous Australian art) and acquired  support from Arts Queensland, Australia Council for the Arts, Brisbane City Council, and Queensland Music Festival.


​I performed in many of the events, and other featured musicians included Syzygy Ensemble, Ensemble Offspring, Trichotomy, Australia Piano Quartet, Viney-Grinberg Piano Duo, Stephen Emmerson (piano), Vanessa Tomlinson (percussion), Claire Edwards (percussion), Daniel de Borah (piano), Sonya Lifschitz (piano), Patrick Murphy (cello), Yoko Okayasu (viola), Brendan Joyce (violin), Kristian Winther (violin), Glenn Christensen (violin), Rachel Johnson (cello), Simon Cobcroft (cello), Tanya Cooling (soprano), Leah Scholles (percussion), Lina Andonovska (flute), Anna McMichael (violin), Kristen Berardi (jazz vocals), Rafael Karlen (jazz saxophone), Joe Chindamo (jazz piano), Zoe Black (violin), Dan Curro (cello), Sarah Curro (violin), and Bernard Hoey (viola). New works were commissioned from composers Sean Foran, Rafael Karlen, and Joe Chindamo. ​ 


Brieley Cutting - DCM founder, artistic directer, and producer of events


"Music as one part of the flow of the day's events rather than as the full stops at the end of the day. That's a great addition to the Brisbane Scene"

RealTime Issue #122. Greg Hooper. 2014.

“The Brisbane audience loved this performance and gave the ensemble a terrific reception – and rightly so. One can see why Foran and his colleagues thought that this was music too good to be left in the vaults. It’s one of the best and most exciting ‘jazz with strings’ recordings that I’ve heard. … This was a concert where both band and audience had to be consistently on their toes … This is a recording that bristles with energy and creativity and it’s good to have it out there in the public domain.”

The Jazz Mann. 2017

“Live with String Quartet - Trichotomy”. 2014.

"It was thoroughly enjoyable….I was particularly thrilled to have one of my paintings chosen as inspiration for a piece….Inspiration works both ways and I found many a reason to be inspired by the performance. All the musicians at the concert were so very talented and made for a magic evening. Aren't we all so lucky to have these happenings here in Brisbane.”

Visual artist Yvonne Mills-Stanley. 2014.

"A sophisticated performance by the Australian Piano Quartet on Saturday night, brought by DeClassified Music and the Queensland Music Festival…the Fireworks Gallery was a place of quality and class that was emphasised by the complimentary wine provided…"

Brisbane Weekender. 2015.

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