Cutting & Molnár

Brieley Cutting (piano) and Judit Molnár (soprano) have now been working and laughing together for over seven years...


Doctor of Musical Arts


The Chamber Music Pianist: An exploration of the skills required by pianists working in small ensembles 

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Limelight Magazine

2018 Article

'The Power Behind the Throne'. In a duo situation, the pianist is invariably considered subservient, an accompanist supporting a soloist. Brieley Cutting begs to differ, suggesting that it could just be the other way around.

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Churchill Fellow


The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to expand music, career and industry knowledge in specific ways to achieve excellence as a pianist and Artistic Director. United Kingdom - Netherlands - New York. 


Artico Ensemble


Artico brought chamber music to audiences that may not have been able to experience it live in established concert halls. They explored many wonderful suburban venues that were seldom used for live music performances, whose hidden potential as intimate concert venues was waiting to be realised... 


DeClassified Music


Classical and jazz live music performance for a modern Brisbane audience.